Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I snagged this meme from Sarah over at House of Krom. Here is my variation...
my favorite -
color - Periwinkle
food - giordano's stuffed pizza with spinach and cheese
vegetable - Sweet Potatoe/yam
dessert - chocolate pudding served warm with redi whip
drink - water or milk
tv show - not really a favorite
reality show - Biggest Loser
hobby -sewing anything ie, quilting or making something for my daughter
movie - i have several
children's movie - Enchanted
child - just kidding
time of day - night
season - whatever is warm
ice cream - Most all of them.
favorite activity - spending time with my children and Hubby.
favorite snack- orville redenbacher 100 mini bag kettle corn
celebrity i would like to meet - Bill Harper or Jillian Michaels
type of clothes to wear - Yoga pants and a fleece pullover shirt


Sarah said...

great answers! i love reading memes. thanks for playing along.

Julie said...

Your welcome. I had fun playing and thanks for the comment.