Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Today is my Sweetie's birthday. He is thirty-nine today. It is alright for me to say that because I turned 39 on St. Patrick's Day. Yes he married an older woman.

He took the day off and we played all day. He is the best husband and daddy. And he is my best friend.
Happy Birthday Honey. I love you. Hope you had a great day.


Studio Rose said...

Hi Julie! I'm your partner in the Mini Easter Swap and thought I'd check out your site. WOW - do you make some beautiful quilts! I especially love the one in the previous post - the colors are perfect. Some day I'll learn to do that, hopefully. :) Your family is adorable; what a precious little girl. TTYL! :)

Lisa M.

Julie said...

thank you very much. I just got the email that you are my partner and am very excited and think this will be a fun swap.